Teaching & Supervision


I am currently responsible for the psychology master’s program (“Psychologie, Ingénierie du Comportement Clinique et Sociale”) at the Psychology Department of Université Clermont Auvergne.

I teach at various levels of the psychology curriculum (Bachelor, Master, doctorate) on the following topics:

  • Social psychology, stereotypes, intergroup relations, attributions, self.
  • Social psychology of rank and hierarchy.
  • Social psychology of education.
  • Psychosocial interventions
  • Writing and analysing a scientific document
  • Teaching at university (for PhD students)

I also conduct occasional or regular training sessions for teachers on topics such as motivation, educational inequalities, cooperation, and intergroup relations.


Current PhD students

Vincent Kouassi, Victor Auger

Former PhD students

Anaïs Robert, Arnaud Stanczak, Alisée Bruno, Cristina Aelenei, Virginie Wiederkehr, Sébastien Chazal, Mickaël Jury

Current postdoctoral supervisions

Nele Claes, Medhi Marot

Former postdoctoral supervisions

Mathilde Lamotte, Marie Desmolliens, Clément Belletier, Marie Crouzevialle, Mickaël Jury, Annique Smeding.

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